The most important part of your order is the quality of your photographs. Here's a few tips to make your portrait the best it can be. NOTE: If you have more than one pet, take a single photo of each and upload them.


Team photo
Close up.
We recommend your photograph is a close up of your pets face. Please include their full face insuring no ears are chopped off. Make sure the photo is sharp and not out of focus.
Team photo
Natural daylight.
The best photographs are taken in natural outdoor light. Please avoid using a flash as it results in unflattering photographs. Also avoid strong sunlight as this causes harsh shadows.
Team photo
High resolution.
We recommend you upload a full resolution photograph direct from your camera roll. Please avoid using screenshots of your social media photos as they are very low quality.


Team photo
Dark lighting.
The best photos are taken outdoors in nice beautiful natural light. Photos taken in a dull room means we can’t see your pets beautiful face.
Team photo
To far away.
We recommend your pet fills 3/4 of your photo. Photographs taken from to far away means your photo will be low quality when we zoom into it.
Team photo
Low resolution
Please avoid low resolution photographs as this will result in a low quality portrait. We recommend you upload a photo straight from your camera. Please also avoid uploading photos where filters have already been applied.

Let’s begin your masterpiece.
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